Interested in Carrying
ReformerFit in Your Studio?

Good For Your Studio: Adding the ReformerFit Cover expands your product offering while extending the life of your equipment. As studio owners, we see first-hand the wear and tear on reformers over time and that awful “gunk” build-up under the carriage. ReformerFit Covers reduce the amount of stress, body-oils and sweat that lead to premature cracking of carriage covers, and the full coverage also reduces leave-behind of dirt, dust and hair in the cracks and crevasses. Once the covers became the norm in our studios, staff regularly commented on how much easier it was to clean the equipment!

Good Fun For Your Members: We want you to be able to share the ReformerFit® Cover with your studio members! We have had great success in our studios offering the ReformerFit® Cover alongside grip-socks as a “starter package” for new students. Members are having fun accessorizing and elevating their practice, and everybody loves the idea of a complete cover between them and the reformer. We offer wholesale prices for studio owners, so reach out and let’s get you set up!


Hear how ReformerFit helps your clients feel safe at the studio.