Providing a better experience for Pilates practitioners is why we created ReformerFit - we were looking out for the members in our own studios. As ReformerFit grew from an idea into a company, we focused on that growing family. Our manufacturing partner is BlueSign Certified, promoting safe, healthy working conditions and community empowerment. 

Our customers are part of our expanding family: if you aren't satisfied with your ReformerFit in any way, return it for a full refund. People will always be at the heart of the decisions we make. 



We understand the importance of communities and friendships built in studios. ReformerFit ads additional fun and functionality to what any studio has to offer! As studio owners ourselves, we see first hand the wear and tear on Reformers over time and that awful "gunk" build-up under the carriage. Gross! ReformerFit reduces the amount of stress, body-oils and sweat and need for harsh cleansers that lead to premature cracking of carriage covers.

The full coverage also reduces leave behind of dirt, dust and hair in the crack and crevasses. Not only that, but because of our complete covered ReformerFit creates a barrier between you and the "yuck" putting you at ease to focus on your practice. 



ReformerFit is committed to creating the highest quality, functional products from sustainably sourced recycled materials. We are continuously aiming for manufacturing process that reduces our environmental footprint, waste, greenhouse gas and emissions and water usage. 

We partnered with a environmentally focused factory and pick primarily recycled fabrics in an effort to do our part towards a cleaner planet.