About Us

Our Roots

The first ReformerFit Cover was designed and tested during the truly bizarre summer of 2020. As owners of Pilates studios that were temporarily shut-down, we set out to create a reformer cover that would help our members feel safe and comfortable when they were able to return to the studio. Beyond that basic desire for hygiene and safety, we also envisioned a product that looked and felt great, in a range of colors and prints that changed with the season, as much a fashion accessory as it was a functional product that elevated our members’ Pilates practice.



Total Coverage

We set out to make a product that covered 100% of the carriage, offering a complete barrier between you and that part of the Reformer. Every other product we found left the head-rests or shoulder blocks exposed. These vital areas are the most susceptible to bacterial or viral residue. Yuck!


Get a Grip

We knew it had to be safe and functional, so we sourced the best-of-class materials to make sure our cover adhered securely to the Reformer and wouldn’t slip off. Every ReformerFit™️ Cover is backed with silicone “grippers” in a perforated herringbone pattern that allows your Cover to breathe right along with you. It will stretch with the fabric and stand up to repeated washings. Go ahead, give it a good pull in any direction – it won’t split or crack like the cheap rubber used in other products.


Not Just a Gym Towel

We wanted ReformerFit® to feel great on the body. We ditched the terry cloth + rubber-glove feel of a yoga mat or gym towel and opted for the same high-quality materials used in the popular, high-quality apparel brands that we carry in our studios. The fabric is specifically designed to be absorbent and breathable. ReformerFit® feels like your favorite pair of leggings because it’s made from the very same stuff: so soft you won’t even remember it’s there.



Hey Neighbor

The best part is you can feel good while it feels good – all of our material is sustainably sourced, upcycled or recycled polyester – that means we’re using otherwise wasted raw material or turning recycled water bottles into the highest-quality synthetic fabric in a manufacturing process that dramatically reduces waste, greenhouse gas emissions. and water usage. Go Earth!